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Date: 12 July 2012

Categories: Gastronomy, PugliaExperiences, SiciliaExperiences, UmbriaExperiences

One of the things which Italy is best known for is its gastronomy and its food produce.


Everyone immediately thinks of pasta and pizza, but we can offer so much more than that. We can offer selected cooking classes in Italy


This experience is a revelation in true Italian cuisine, which has so many regional and traditional variations.

So much produce to discover but, above all, so many people to meet!


We can organise vacations with unique cooking classes , select unique location and offers completely packages and services for tours.


Meet chefs who reveal the secrets of Italian cooking during private or groups classes, but also met local people, real Italian grandmothers and mothers, who provide an unforgettable experience in their own homes.


We can offer several cooking classes in different regions of Italy such as Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany Emilia Romagna and different kind of experiences from gourmet cuisine to informal locations.


We can include this experience in individual or group holidays throughout Italy, either with a private driver or as part of a self-drive holiday.


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